Cops search for two adults in disturbing Philly playground video

Philadelphia playground video

Police are looking to identify two adults in a disturbing video taken at a Philadelphia playground that shows an adult female woman kicking a child.

According to 6 ABC, the video was taken by Philadelphia resident Kelly Jax who was at the playground with her two grandchildren.

Jax has since handed over the video footage to Philadelphia Police who are concerned for the two children, a young boy and girl, in the video.

A troubling sight at this Philadelphia playground

The Philadelphia playground video shows a little boy kicking a little girl. Seconds later an adult male intervenes, telling the two children ‘No kicking!’

An adult female then proceeds to kick the little boy twice with force, as she is heard saying ‘No kicking! You want to kick? How do you feel?’

Outside of the brief video footage, Jax says she witnessed the events of before and after the incident that is equally upsetting.

Jax told authorities the female adult in the video was actually encouraging the little boy and little girl to fight.

“As they were fighting the little boy was distressed. He did not want to fight,” Jax said. “She was standing there laughing.”

“The little girl got him in a headlock on the ground and he wanted her off, he couldn’t breathe,” Jax said.

After the young boy retaliated, the female adult stepped in and kicked him.

“The man said no hitting, no kicking, and that’s when she came around and kicked that boy so hard.”

Concerned for the safety of her children and herself, Jax didn’t intervene in the situation at the Philadelphia playground.

“I didn’t go after her and grab her, I should have. I kept reading the comments but I had the girls with me and I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have anyone there to keep my kids and keep them safe,” said Jax.

Philadelphia playground Russo Park

The playground incident is thought to have taken place on July 10 at the Russo Park Playground located at Cottman and Torresdale avenues.

“Our concern, of course, is for the welfare of the children both the male and female. We don’t know how many children they have, we don’t know if they’re foster parents, biological. We don’t know if they’re a couple who were babysitting the kids and the actual parents don’t know this happened,” Captain Sekou Kinnebrew said in a statement.

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