Cops seek three in alleged ATM scam

Philadelphia Police Department

Philly police are seeking the public’s help in identifying and locating three suspects wanted for fraud in connection with an ATM skimming scam that happened last month in Overbrook.

The Southwest Detectives Division is on the lookout for three men wanted for installing a skimming device on the ATM machine at a Beneficial Savings Bank at 7622 City Ave. A skimming device is hard to detect and is attached to a debit card reader, such as an ATM machine. It’s used to read an unsuspecting victim’s personal information like a banking or checking account number and/or PIN number.

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ATM surveillance video from Dec. 27 shows three young guys approaching the ATM.

The first perpetrator in the video is wearing a dark T-shirt, a black jacket, with black glasses and scruffy facial hair and is fidgeting with and installing the skimming device. The second suspect pictured is wearing a red bubble jacket and red baseball cap. He later returns with the two other males and removes the skimmer to retrieve whatever information is collected. Police declined to reveal how much money was taken at the request of the bank.

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The New York Police Department is searching for two seemingly unconnected ATM-skimming duos that have taken thousands in cash in recent months.

Anyone with any information related to the Philly suspects is asked to call police at 215-686-3183.

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