Correction: Philly rapper’s identity mix-up

After being contacted by a North Philly man, Metro Philly is writing this correction to clarify the record related to a recent story.

A story about the recent murder of a man in Spring Garden, allegedly by suspect Marvin Roberts, who is 16 and in custody, was run with the picture of another young man from North Philly, who is not Marvin Roberts.

Davion Shelton, pictured, 16, lives in North Philly and is a rapper by the name of Erie Ave Mar with several recordings on Soundcloud.

Metro incorrectly identified Shelton as Roberts, and misattributed Shelton’s hip hop recordings to Davis.

The mix-up occurred because Roberts identified himself also using the name “Erie Ave Mar” on his Facebook page.

Police sources told Metro that was Roberts’ rap name.

However, the real Erie Ave Mar is Shelton, a completely different person not involved with the original case in any way, shape or form.

“My son doesnt have anything to do with that type of lifestyle,” said Shelton’s mother, Ludelia Shelton. “He’s just rapping about his environment.”

All pictures of Shelton have been removed online from Metro failed to do its due diligence with this story, and for that, we apologize. 

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