Corruption could lead to law change

In the wake of 10 more people — including former House speaker John Perzel of Northeast Philadelphia — being charged in a Harrisburg corruption probe, more people statewide are calling for a redo of Pennsylvania’s Constitution.

The good-government group Democracy Rising Pennsylvania wants a statewide ballot question on whether there should be a constitutional convention. The convention would allow delegates to recommend changes to the constitution, which voters would have to approve.

Rep. Barbara McIlvaine Smith, D-Chester, who said she won’t run for re-election next year, is co-sponsoring a bill to allow a constitutional convention. She’d like to see a smaller legislature and term limits to keep a check on power.

She said the constitution could change with a voter uprising, but she’s less than optimistic.

“To be honest, a lot of this reform stuff seems to go nowhere,” she said.

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