Councilman Curtis Jones wants a camera at every Philly bar

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A Philadelphia councilman is pressing a measure that would demand bars install security cameras.

Reports local CBS:Councilman Curtis Jones has, as promised, introduced a bill that mandates exterior security cameras at the exits of all drinking establishments. This comes in the wake of the death last year of college student Shane Montgomery. The language of Jones’s bill is clear – this would be a requirement. But Jones admits it may be amended so bars are merely encouraged to do so, rather than forced.

“We are going to discuss whether it is an enticement and incentive, or in cases of troubled businesses that have had criminal history around their property, a mandate,” Jones said, noting that the installation may be too costly for some.

“What we’re doing is engaging in discussions with stakeholders on how we should apply the cameras to certain businesses that serve alcohol. Bills are meant to be amended.”

Montgomery died last fall after leaving a Main Street bar.

He was missing for five weeks until his body was pulled from the Schuylkill by police divers.

CBS reportsThe bar had no working cameras, and Jones believes had they been working, Montgomery’s body might have been found sooner.

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