Curt Weldon and Larry Mendte team up in Libya

We heard that Larry Mendte had gone to Libya with former Congressman Curt Weldon and his “delegation” and thought “hmm, fate must have brought these two publicity hounds, er, news makers together.” Turns out Gaddafi canceled his meeting with them (fathom that), but the two have found other Libyan officials willing to listen to them jabber, unofficially that is.

Check out the video from WPIX-TV in New York where Mendte’s slumming these days.

Note that Mendte uses the term “dramatically raised” three times. That couldn’t be a plug for Weldon who let him tag along, could it?!? And don’t forget, Rule No. 1 of the Larry Mendte School of Journalism: make yourself the central figure in the story.

I have to wrap up this story now. Nuclear physicists in Japan are waiting for me. Better yet, Terry Francona is on the line. He wants me to help the Sawx. Later

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