DA warns residents in Quakertown of hidden explosives

Area where hidden explosives may be in Quakertown. Credit: Bucks County District Attorney's Office

Bucks County DA Matthew Weintraub has issued a warning to residents in Quakertown, Pennsylvania to be on the lookout for explosives.

Weintraub made the announcement on Tuesday.

“This is just to caution the public. This is an FYI, not an S.O.S.,” Weintraub shared. Adding, “They may not be able to be detonated at all, but they may.”

Several months ago, a series of explosions took place around Quakertown, but there have not been any reported explosions recently, according to authorities.

Milford Township man arrested for homemade devices

Weintraub’s warning appears to be related to the case against 30-year-old David Surman, Jr., a Milford Township resident and chemical company owner who was arrested back in June on charges of possession of a weapon of mass destruction, possession of an instrument of crime, possession of methamphetamines, among a number of other charges.

David Surman, Jr. was taken into custody after a string of explosions were set off in upper Bucks County. Following the arrest of Surman Jr., authorities detonated bombs found on his properties. One of the devices found was roughly 18 inches in length, had multiple fuses with the ability to do some major damage.

hidden explosives

“This was what we believe to be a large bomb that was capable of mass destruction, and that’s why the defendant was charged with that offense,” Weintraub shared at the time.

Now Weintraub is warning that there could be at least four more devices in Quakertown. He has asked anyone in the public who discovers any suspicious devices not to go near the device and to call 911 right away.

Authorities suspect the devices could be hidden in the Milford Square and Revere sections of Upper Bucks County.

Weintraub’s latest announcement has rattled some residents like Kevin Willauer who spoke with NBC Philadelphia.

Willauer shared that while authorities reported that there have not been any recent explosions, he has heard explosions near his farm in Milford Township.

“I’ve definitely heard loud explosions over the past couple of weeks, and was asking family and friends if they heard them as well. I don’t know if it was related to it or not,” he said.


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