Dan Aykroyd is coming to Philly

Dan Aykroyd comes to Philadelphia this month. | Getty Images
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Dan Aykroyd is a true renaissance man.

Aside from starring in classic films like “Ghostbusters,” “Trading Places” and “My Girl” and co-founding the chain of music venues, House of Blues, the legendary Dan Aykroyd is a superstar when it comes to vodka, too.

Apparently, on top of everything else, he’s gotten into the vodka business with Crystal Head Vodka, and yes, the bottle is shaped like a skull. (How cool is that?)

According to their website, it’s made from “high quality peaches and creamed corn,” “distilled four times into a neutral grain spirit,” and blended with “pristine” water from Newfoundland, Canada.

It also contains no additives. Bonus!


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Aykroyd will be coming to Philly in the flesh on Friday, Dec. 15 to sign autographs at Fine Wine & Good Spirits (180 West Girard Ave.) at 4 p.m.

As if the vodka in a skull-shaped bottle wasn’t enough, imagine bringing one that’s autographed by an original Ghostbuster to your holiday party?

It will be a merry Christmas, indeed.

If you go:
Bottle Signing with Dan Aykroyd
Friday, Dec. 15
4 p.m.
Fine Wine and Good Spirits Premium Collection Store
180 West Girard Ave.

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