Dance fitness platforms that go beyond the simple aerobic routine

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By Luz Lancheros, MWN

Using a cardio machine is an option for many people, as well as doing a lot of repetitions. But for others, this is a nightmare, almost a mandatory thing that often ends up making people give up exercising. But there are already many routines that combine cardio and weights that are quite fun and popular. That is the case of Zumba, for example. And there are many exercise platforms with certified instructors that combine this workout with other rhythms for those who want to go beyond a simple aerobic routine.

Metro highlights some of the most popular ones found on YouTube.

FitDance Life

The channel has 5.36 million subscribers and features choreographies with all musical genres: from pop and reggaeton to hip hop and samba. Those are measured by their level of difficulty, although, generally, the most complex ones have several repetitions to grasp the steps perfectly.

The platform was founded by the Brazilians Fabio and Bruno Duarte. They also have a website on which you can pay for extra content ($22.75 per month). There are also six modalities on the site, ranging from small groups through SWAG (a somewhat more complex dance modality), as well as classes for children. It is also possible to schedule custom classes.


It is a platform to learn this demanding and energetic dance from the region of Punjab, India. Created by the actress, dancer and comedian, Amreen Gill, it has 262,000 subscribers on YouTube and combines fitness routines of different length and intensity that involve cardiovascular activity, as well as more complex choreography. On you can find virtual workshops with different levels of difficulty that cost $12.99. 

Just Dance like All Star

This channel with 303,000 subscribers on YouTube catalogues all the choreographies of the famous video game. Obviously, it is not necessary to have a device at hand to be able to follow steps of the dances. There are all the classic and current hits of the videogame and this time you don’t have the pressure to “win” or “lose.” You can just have fun. Clearly, it does not offer a variety of difficulty levels as previous channels. 


It has more than 79,000 subscribers on YouTube and 6 years of specializing in various genres. There is a flamenco, an Oriental dance and even merengue playlists, among others. While there are cardio-only routines, there is also a thorough study of genres and various disciplines for beginners and work with pressure bands.

On Stepflix Entertainment’s official website they offer all kinds of dance-related entertainment services, as well as private online classes: the package of 5 classes costs $300. 


It is a YouTube channel (also an app) created by fitness and wellness expert Rachel Okesola with more than 176,000 subscribers. Rachel has a 21- and 28-day weight loss challenge, but also routines that combine African Dance, Resistance Training and High-Intensity Interval Training. All that with the rhythm of African music. Rachel also segments routines based on body parts and difficulty levels. On her official website, you can also find nutrition plans, while the app is available on both iOS and Android.

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