Date set for trial of US hikers in Iran

A new trial date has been set for the three American hikers detained in Iran for allegedly espionage.

The trial is now scheduled for Feb. 6 after the original Nov. 6 date was pushed back due to Sarah Shourd, 32 — one of the accused hikers who was released from Iran in September due to health concerns — not being summoned back to the country for court.

The trial delays have frustrated their families who insist they strayed across the Iranian border accidentally in 2009.

The remaining two jailed hikers, Elkins Park native Josh Fattal, 28, and Shourd’s fiance, Shane Bauer, 28, have been in an Iranian prison for more than 15 months. The hikers’ lawyer, Masoud Shafii, has asked the presiding judge to meet with Fattal and Bauer in prison.

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