Davio’s is cooking up tasty traditions

David Boyle is the kind of guy who can’t seem to hold in the holiday cheer. Some might even say the Davio’s chef is downright jolly. This is despite the fact that he’ll be hard at work on Christmas Eve, when Davio’s is serving up a special prix-fixe Feast of the Seven Fishes menu. We checked in to talk holiday traditions.

Now, tell us about all these fishes.

We’re a Northern Italian place, so we have to do the seven fishes, which is fun for everyone. There are seven fishes throughout four courses, with a lot of clean, simple flavors. It’s funny, the Feast of the Seven Fishes is actually an American Italian tradition.

Do you have any of your own holiday traditions?

My family and I do the Ronald McDonald charity event each Thanksgiving. We bring a big turkey out — it’s great.

Where do people in the restaurant biz host holiday parties?

This year we’re going to the Raven Lounge. The owner has worked out a real nice deal for us. It won’t be until after New Year’s though, but that’s the nature of the business.

What else do you have planned for New Year’s?

We take the kids out, do the Mummers strut. I’ve been going since I moved to Philly 22 years ago. I remember seeing them and just being awestruck and thinking, “What is that?”

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