Democrats $10M short for DNC: Rendell

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The Democratic Party is falling behind on its $64 millionfundraising goal ahead of the party’s national convention in July.

Former Pennsylvania governorEd Rendell told BuzzFeed News in an interview last week that the party is about “$9 to $10 million down,” despite source reports claiming that number is closer to $15 to $16 million.

Rendell, who also chairs thePhiladelphia 2016 Host Committee for the convention, said “It’s a legitimate gap but we’re touching every base to fill it.”

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He said the federal governmentwrote a check in 2012for $18 million, but didn’t say whether a similar donation will be made this year.

He expected an additional $7.75 million from the City ofPhiladelphia, which will not be giving any money. (The city gave that amount to Republicans in 2000 to hostthe RNC at what is now the Wells Fargo Center.)

But given the school-funding crisis, the city is not in a position to do that now, Rendell said, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

But Rendell blames another person: presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

He explained that corporations often donate equal contributions to both parties ahead of their respective conventions, but skittishness over Trump’s rise to popularity has likely reduced contributions to the RNC. According to Rendell, these companies are likely to reduce DNC contributions, as well.

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“So we’ve had three blows,” Rendell said. “The fed, the city, and the Trumpster.”

In 2012, the Charlotte, N.C., Democrats reportedlyfell about $25 million short of their fundraising goal, which the DNC mostly covered.

“We’re determined to not let that happen,” Rendell said.

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