Dennis Miller talks politics, ‘SNL’ and Turner Classic Movies

Dennis Miller comes to PARX Casino this week. | Provided

On Thursday night, comedian Dennis Miller comes to Parx Casino’s Xcite Center. The “SNL” alum has five Emmy and three Writers Guild of America awards to his name and has a solid show in store for his fans.

“I’ve been preparing a special, my ninth comedy special, that I’m filming in June. Over the last few months I’ve pounded it into good shape,” he says.

When it comes to covering politics in his set, Miller says most of the show can be enjoyed by everyone — no matter which side you’re on.

“I’m 64 and I’ve never seen it this angry,” he says. “The special is 66% made up of material everyone can enjoy, but 33% is about the times we live in, and that includes the politics.”

While Miller was viewed by the public as being a liberal, (probably due to his six-year stint as host of SNL’s “Weekend Update” during two Republican presidencies), he’s grown increasingly conservative over the years.

“If you don’t walk in complete lockstep [there’s a contingent of people on the left who hate Donald Trump with a white hot passion], they’re going to hate you,” he says.

So has Miller seen Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump on “SNL?”

“I’ve never seen it. I’m not a big late night TV guy on Saturday,” Miller reveals. “I’m usually asleep. It’s no fracas with ‘SNL,’ I just saw Lorne [“SNL” creator and producer] a few weeks ago and we had a blast together. I’ve seen clips where he squints and screams — seems to be the biggest thing in the country, so good for him.”

These days, Miller spends his free time reading and watching Turner Classic Movies.

“I’m trying to read the entire bibliography of the great British humorist PG Wodehouse,” he says.  “He wrote 73 novels in addition to 220 short stories and  plays — one of the most prolific funny men. I consider him a genius. If I had a scintilla of that I’d be a happy man. I write jokes, but he’s the best humor writer who ever lived in my book.”

And as far as old movies go, Miller prefers works prior to the 1960s.

“It gets into the 60s and it starts becoming more message oriented,” he says. “I like a good message when I’m reading non-fiction about the world I live in. When I watch old movies, I like them to be escapism for me.”

On his visit to Philadelphia on Thursday evening, Miller has nothing but love for our city.

“I used to work with a great comedian there — the Legendary Wid,” he says. ”I have good memories of Philly. It always treated me well.”

If you go:
Dennis Miller
Thursday, May 17
8 p.m., $40-$85
PARX Casino
2999 Street Road, Bensalem

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