DeSean Jackson: ‘I’ve never been a problem’

Ever since Eagles coach Andy Reid made DeSean Jackson inactive for last Sunday’s game against Arizona, sports talk radio lines have been lighting up about the receiver’s future here.

Yesterday, Jackson sat down for a one-on-one interview with NFL Network’s Michael Irvin. Here is what the Eagles pint-sized playmaker had to say …

Irvin: “You missed the 8:30 special teams meeting. You got there 20 minutes, or thereabouts, late.”

Jackson: “8:53, made it to the 9:00 meeting. Like I said, as a man, I was late.”

Irvin: “There is speculation and things have been reported that the decision not to play you was because of other things that have been happening. What are your thoughts on that?”

Jackson: “I don’t think so. Being late to a meeting is unacceptable, of course. I understand that, but I’ve never been a problem, never been a distraction. I just come to work and do my thing.”

Irvin: “You wanted to play?”

Jackson: “Of course. I want to play every game.”

Irvin: “You missed the special teams meeting, but you got there for a team meeting. You were 20 minutes late, 25 minutes late [to the special teams meeting]. Is this protocol to not let the guy play at all?”

Jackson: “Honestly, I’ve never seen coach [Andy] Reid do anything like that. I’ve never seen him bench anybody for missing a meeting.”

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So, whose side are you on?

Just for some background … Speculation has run rampant ever since Sunday. Some media members have reported that it wasn’t the first time Jackson missed a meeting and so the punishment was overdue. Other point out that Jackson is extremely unhappy with his contract and he was acting out by skipping it. Still, some say that Jackson has kept his mouth shut during this whole process and — let’s be honest — he’s never gotten into any real off-the-field trouble.

Either way, it’s seeming less and less likely that the Eagles will sign Jackson to an extension — at least not for the money that he feels he’s worth. Stay tuned … this discussion is far from over.

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