DeSean Jackson not worth it?

DeSean Jackson is finally at Eagles training camp. He’s saying all the right things. He says he’ll be on the practice field. His agent is also at Lehigh, leading many to believe they are working on a new deal as we type these words.

But, does he deserve a new contract? Is the pint-sized dynamo worth paying No. 1 receiver money?

Here’s what Bill Barnwell, formerly of Football Outsiders, had to say about the whole DeSean Jackson contract situation. Barnwell is a football geek, so to speak, and if you believe in stats, then you might find yourself siding with him.

That’s the endless debate. That’s what Joe Banner, Howie Roseman, Drew Rosenhaus and Jackson will be debating over the next few weeks. We’re still confident a deal will get done.

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