DeSean Jackson on His Dip

DeSean Jackson is no stranger to the rap game. Two years ago, we first witnessed the brash, young receiver make his rap debut on My Time — at least to our knowledge — in a collab with Snoop Dogg, Jeremih and Fabolous.

Upon hearing that track, we questioned DeSean about his rap career and relationship with Snoop, whom affectionately refers to DeSean as nephew — that’s a common term of endearment for his friends, in case you didn’t know. DeSean told us that the two often hang out in the studio out in California. We reached out to Snoop’s people to see if we could ask the Doggfather about it and maybe even go into the studio for a story. Unfortunately, that never materialized.

Anyway, DeSean is back … this time sans Snoop, with his latest rap effort, On My Dip, a collab with Gillie Da Kid. The beat is catchy, the females are hot — especially the one serenading that bottle — and the intro … well, it’s epic. It starts by proclaiming, “Bitch, I’m the chicken man” and the graphic states, “Gangsta Grillz King of Philly Edition,” followed by a teaser for a mixtape that is actually due to be released Thursday, March 8.

Hey DeSean, we represent. We support local hip hop. We were in your corner throughout the whole contract thing. You were even named Metro’s Tweeter of the Week … so why no invite to the album release party? That’s just cold, bro. Cold blooded.

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