Diner en Blanc: The best white wines to bring to the party

Of course you’ll want to pick up a bottle (or three) of white to go with your all-white outfit for Thursday’s exclusive pop-up dinner party. We asked local wine experts for Diner en Blanc recommendations that go beyond our usual system of “which label is prettiest.” And sorry, suds sippers — no beer allowed.

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Size matters:

Paradocx Vineyard 3L Cans
“One bottle is not enough for your group of friends at Diner en Blanc, but more than one bottle is impossible to carry along with your picnic accessories!” says Jaclyn Poole of Pinot Boutique in Old City. “Here’s your solution: the Paradocx Vineyard 3L Cans, available in Chardonnay or Whitewash, a special blend of white grape varietals.”

Crowd pleaser:

Auburn Road Pinot Grigio
“Pinot Grigio is always a crowd pleaser and, in our opinion, the best wine for a night outside watching the stars and enjoying a meal with 1,000 of your closest friends,” Poole says. “Auburn Road’s is a crisp, light white wine with beautiful fruit and a floral aroma.”

Picnic perfect:

Etude Chardonnay Estate Grown Grace Benoist Ranch
Andrew Tyson, Retail Wine Specialist at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits state store at 20th and Market, calls this chardonnay “a perfect picnic wine” — “It isn’t heavy on the oak and is wonderfully smooth across the palate with a beautiful weight to it,” he describes.

A little sparkle:

La Marca Prosecco
Prosecco bubbles like Champagne, but usually has a sweeter taste. “This Prosecco is dry with a slightly creamy texture and flavors of lemon and white peach,” says Tyson, “It can be enjoyed alone but has great acidity, which lends itself well to pairing with a variety of foods.”

Crisp and clean:

Clean Slate Rielsing
Grapes taken from vineyards up and down the slopes of the Mosel Valley in Germany give this off-dry Riesling its balanced taste. “[It’s] fresh and clean and perfect for a hot summer day,” Tyson says. “It’s super refreshing, light and crisp with minerally lemon and lime tones.

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