Disgusting tale of road rage is heard

When bouncers refused to let them into a club unless they discarded a drink first, two women allegedly took turns speeding around a North Philadelphia block, returning a few times to run several people over and kill a 27-year-old, victims testified yesterday.

Sharonda Cheeves, 24, (left inset photo) and Jesslyn Williams, 23, will face trial for the Sept. 4 incident outside an LGBT party at Club Motivations, or “The Breakfast Club.” Witnesses testified Williams was driving the Monte Carlo when five people were hit, suffering various injuries. Cheeves, who registered a .176 blood alcohol content, was allegedly driving when Alicia Moore was fatally struck while trying to push people back inside to safety.

Kadella Davis, the 60-year-old “affectionately called Mother Breakfast,” testified that she tried “to send them home five times” after they verbally sparred with bouncers. After being struck — victim Brandi Briggs testified that she saw Davis “flying though the air” — Davis spent 25 days hospitalized.

Davis, who now walks with a cane, still has more surgery scheduled.

“Somebody got killed that didn’t need to. Some people got hurt who didn’t need to,” Briggs testified. “I’ve been through a lot. … I still hear those tires screeching.”

Cheeves faces a murder trial while Williams, free on bail, faces aggravated assault and other charges.

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