Dock Street Brewery launches anti-Trump beer

Courtesy of Dock Street Brewery

Philly’s own Dock Street Brewery has launched a new line of anti-Trump beer called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Drumpf,” the brewery announced via its website.

The brewery’s use of the name “Drumpf” is a reference to John Oliver’s “Make Donald Drumpf Again” meme which he started in an extensive segment lambasting the candidate. Trump’s family anglicized their German surname’s spelling sometime after immigrating to the United States.

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“Beer has always, throughout history, been a key ingredient in the recipe for revolutionary ideas. In that spirit, we’re brewing this series to declare our disdain for Drumpf, and to extend a little nod of solidarity to our friends, fans and neighbors that also believe the country deserves better representation — on a national and international platform—in the race to be Commander in Chief,” the brewery explained in a post on its website.

The brewery announced that the first in the line of beers will be the “Short-Fingered Stout,” and described it as “a bitter and delusional stout with an airy, light-colored head atop a so-so body.”

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The beer has yet to be released, but Dock Street promises to announce the date soon and teased a possible public event in conjunction with the release.

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