Don’t call retirement home hotline just yet

Perhaps the only thing more surprising than Jayson Werth’s $126 million deal is Jamie Moyer’s decision to have Tommy John surgery to prolong his 23-year career.

Moyer was in town at Sigma Sound Studio this past Saturday hosting a benefit for Camp Erin, which is part of the Moyer Foundation. The 48-year-old explained why he hopes to extend his career in 2012, when he will hit the half-century mark.

“I still feel that I have the ability to pitch,” Moyer said. “I knew the last time I did pitch [a month ago] in the Dominican Republic, I felt good. I was able to contribute with the Phillies until I got hurt this past season. I still have the passion to play.”

If Moyer is healthy, he would like to make this more than a one-season comeback. He admits that he sees 300 wins on the horizon. (Moyer is sitting on 267 wins right now).

“That’s a number that’s pretty far down the road,” Moyer said. “If I have the good fortune, I would like to play a few more years and potentially 300 could be there. But, that’s at least three healthy years down the road.”

Ideally, Moyer would like to pitch for the team that he helped win a World Series with in 2008.

“I would relish that opportunity,” Moyer said. “It’s a special group of players here who understand the game. Our manager Charlie [Manuel] is a special guy.”

Paging Coach Moyer?

Jamie Moyer can often be seen imparting sage advice to his Phillies teammates. So, would he consider coaching when his playing days end?

“I won’t close the door on that,” Moyer said. “I felt that it was my responsibility as an older player to pass along [information] to the younger [Phillies] players. But it’s not just to the younger players.”

Uh, Jamie there are no ball players older than you.

“You’re right,” Moyer said, laughing.

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