“Don’t forget that we need a moment to disconnect and have a good time”

David Guetta's career continues to mark great moments in history of the industry.
PHOTO: Ellen Von Unwerth

By Gabriela Acosta, MWN

For the second time, David Guetta was named the world’s No. 1 DJ, leading the DJ Mag Top 100 survey, a title he had already won in 2011. The 53-years-old spoke to Metro from his home in Paris, France about the impact of the pandemic on the industry and the new generations of electronic music.

What do the recognitions mean to you?

I have had very special gifts this year because on the weekend I had my birthday, I was voted the No. 1 DJ in the world and received the award for Best Electronic Artist at the MTV EMA’s. Also, the album, “Let’s Love” reached number one on the dance chart in America. Receiving good news non-stop does not feel like 2020 (…) because it’s not a year that stands out for good news. I am happy because I have seen that there is already a vaccine, now I am ready to party like never before in 2021.

You gave concerts to gather support for the fight against COVID-19 and you raised your voice for the music industry.

It’s my job, it’s my life, it’s what I’ve been doing since I was a child. When I did the first concert in Miami to help raise money to support hospitals, I also saw the reaction of the people by giving them those moments of happiness. Sometimes people forget that they need a moment to disconnect, not think about anything and have a good time. It is important, especially for mental health. I have this album with Sia called, “Let’s Love” and the words speak to that because the theme of the album is, ‘We have difficult moments, but it will pass.’

Have you managed to position the future rave sound?

I do different styles. I have the things that I do as David Guetta, like this album with Sia, which is very strong in Europe; I am a DJ, first of all, like in this project with Morten where we created a new sound called future rave that makes me happy.

How do you get along with TikTok?

When we talk about dance music it’s different because that’s what I do with future rave and I don’t think about TikTok. But for pop music TikTok is important, because many hits come out of there, then they reach Spotify and radio. Thank God I have children who talk to me about it all day long. I have my experience and talent to make my music, but I am very interested in talking to young people who can teach me great things.

Tell about your participation in the virtual festival Tomorrowland 31.12.2020?

It is already recorded. I can tell you that the show is very good and interesting because I did it like David Guetta and another like Jack Back, which is in more of an underground style. I could see something, not the final result, but I did the show with a green screen, and then they did an incredible decoration and it was spectacular.

The best artists in the universe will perform on four digital stages while people from all over the globe can enter this fascinating digital world, produced with the best technology in 3D design, video production and special effects. So everyone will be able to perform as if they were live, with all the load that electronic concerts have.  

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