Doug Pederson moves Eagles lockers, ends loud music at practice

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It’s like 2004 all over again.

Doug Pederson has shown so far that he is, more or less, Andy Reid II (butwithout the mustacheand 50 pounds lighter).

After three years of the unconventional, Chip Kelly prerogatives reigning supreme at the NovaCareComplex, the rookie head coach — fresh off several campaigns as Reid’s No. 2, is undoing many of the short-lived traditions the Eagles became known for during the Kelly regime.

He’s reverting the practice facility and it’s workouts — as well as the offensive and defensive schemes to the way they were under Reid.

In stark contrast to the sheer randomness Kelly used to decide whose locker goes where, Pederson had the lockers set up by position groups when the Eagles returned to Philly for a minicamp this week.

This seems to be a small tactical move, helping perhaps to build chemistry between teammates who work together every day on the field.

The Birds are also stepping away from the blisteringly loud music that was always around during Kelly practices. A playlist (thatincluded everything from country music to Carly Ray Jepsen) used to cry out during most sessions of Eagles practices. It was meant to create better cohesiveness in loud, enemy territory situations as well as help the team keep rhythm.

Pederson andHowie Roseman mentioned the changes in a press conference with reporters Monday. They also emphasized their commitmentto keeping Pro Bowl pass-rusher Fletcher Cox on the team — and said the media should not read into his absence from voluntary camp. Darren Sproles is the other no-show and was excused for family reasons.

“The intention on side is to keep him for a long time,” Roseman said. “We are very clear about that. These things are complicated sometimes. They take time.”

He also said in no unclear terms that the Birds will not be trading Cox.

FOX 29’s Howard Eskin reported later Monday that attempts to contact Cox and his agent were unsuccessful.

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