DRPA officer saves kitten tossed from moving vehicle

A kitten found herself confronted with the law last week, when a police officer rescued her from the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Good Samaritan Jean Finiziowas crossing the Walt Whitman into New Jersey when she witnessed someone toss the small black-and-white cat from a moving vehicle. She called police, and Delaware River Port Authority officer and the self-proclaimed “biggest animal love” Richie Ridolfi was crossing the bridge into Philadelphia at the same time, andtook the call, according to NBC10.

“I’m the biggest animal lover,” Ridolfi told NBC10. “As soon as I get a call about any animal on the bridge, I’m the first person to get there.”

Finizio had pulled over on the side of the bridge to avoid hitting the kitten, who has been aptly named “Bridgette.” The animal crawled into Finizio’s tire well, and eventually into the vehicle’s undercarriage. Ridolfi said he was laying on the ground “in the middle of the bridge” reaching for the cat. The duo eventually drove to the end of the bridge and was able to rescue Bridgette.

Ridolfi took to Facebook Friday, looking for a forever home for the kitty. He told NBC10he would pay all vet fees in return for someone to adopt her.

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