Duking it out

Former Web designer Seun Olubodun has given up his laptop for a different career in design. Inspired by his bulldog Duke, Olubodun has launched Duke & Winston, a men’s clothing line.

“There are not a lot of casual T-shirt lines for men in their late 20s, early 30s,” Olubodun says. “It’s kind of like the anti-Ed Hardy. Subtle designs, small logos.”

Originally from the U.K., Olubodun incorporates British details like Union Jacks, co-namesake Winston (Churchill), and his “God Save the Duke” emblem.

When it warms up, the collection will feature more than tees and hoodies. “There will be a line of polos in the spring, and since so many girls were buying men’s T-shirts for themselves, I decided to have a small collection of girl’s T-shirts,” he says.

Right now, Olubodun’s tees can be found online at www.duke-winston.com as well as at independent retailers; and they’re coming soon to Urban Outfitters.

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