Eagles are not scared of Richard Sherman

Getty Images

The Seahawks, who come to town to face the Eagles at 4:25 Sunday, have the best defense in the NFL.

They had the best defense in the NFLlast season and they won the Super Bowl.

It’s a difficult task, one that will put the Eagles’ high-powered offense to the test — especially with cornerback Richard Sherman lurking (and perhaps completely shutting down Jeremy Maclin).

“We always concern ourselves with the personnel on the opposite side,” Chip Kelly said, alluding to Sherman’s presence in the Seattle secondary. “You have to know exactly what they’re in, how things are working, the matchups you can exploit or try to attack.”

Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who has taken pride in the Eagles steadily improving offense knows Sherman presents a real challenge for Mark Sanchez and the passing game.

“We have a healthy respect for who he is as a player,” Shurmur said. “That secondary, that whole secondary, is outstanding.”

However, outstanding or not, the Eagles are not going to let Sherman alter their game plan.

“There was a guy that played once, way back in a former life, there was a guy named Deion Sanders that we went into a game and said just absolutely stay away from him,” Shurmur joked. “Other than that, you’ve got to just call your offense.”

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