Eagles ‘Dream Team’ talk just won’t go away

At the end of a lengthy media session, Vince Young had a chance to retract his now infamous “Dream Team” quote.

The Eagles backup quarterback chose not to. Instead, Young claimed he was taken out of context.

“That’s pretty much how it goes with Vince Young. My words always get taken out of context,” Young said yesterday. “Basically what I meant is we really do have a talented bunch of guys.”

Young, who is in an open competition for the second-string gig with Mike Kafka, has enjoyed limited success in camp. His quarterback rating is 46.6 through two preseason games as he continues to learn the intricacies of Andy Reid’s offense. Right now, he’s running the second-team offense.

“I’m not gonna say I’m where I want to be at yet,” Young said. “But I’m where I need to be at based on not having an offseason and things like that.”

Still, Young wouldn’t completely backtrack from those lingering “Dream Team” comments.

“That’s how the Miami Heat was. Those guys ended up there in the NBA Finals,” Young said. “It’s all about getting your chemistry right and playing together and taking steps to be where you want to be at.”

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