Eagles fans and Brits are ‘more alike than you think’

eagles london

After the Philadelphia Eagles’ defeat on Sunday and a slow season’s start, NovaCare Complex’s press day was decidedly quiet. All that changed with talk of going to London on Oct. 28 for the Eagles’ first appearance overseas and its Wembley Stadium match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

“It’s my first time in London – first time out of the country – so I’m looking forward to the experience, seeing a whole new atmosphere and meeting some new people,” said Joshua Perkins, getting dressed to leave the locker room. “I’m looking forward to some fun.”

“I’m planning on having a great time, and winning the game,” said Eagles’ Jordan Hicks.

Other players were more sober in their approach to heading to London. “I only care about getting a win, winning the football game,” said Deiondre’ Hall. “We need a win.”

While the players are men of few words, it is the Eagles’ front office, planners, media positioners and marketers who seem to be having the best time ensuring a positive experience on both sides of the Atlantic. Everything from digital posters in the Waterloo and Euston tube stations playing off of British catchphrases (such as a “Bangers & Mash” digi-board featuring Eagles linebackers during a tackle, and “Royal Guards” (with an image of the offensive line blocking for quarterback Carson Wentz), to a double-decker bus tour with Eagles’ Brent Celek, Jon Dorenbos, cheerleaders, and mascot SWOOP stopping by Brit landmarks such as Abbey Road, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London.

There will even be an Eagles fan rally at The Admiralty Pub in London’s Trafalgar Square All this and more happens under the banner MoreAlikeThanYouThink.co.uk, with additional marketing notions such as “A Pint of Philly” video series.

Eagles’ Senior Vice President of Media and Marketing, Jen Kavanagh stated that the content and marketing of the London game – here and abroad – came from a place of connecting with Eagles fans everywhere. “Not just engaging fans in Philly, and fans from the area who are travelling to the game, but Eagles fans nationally, and by extension, globally who we know through our socials.”

At the very least, here’s hoping the Philadelphia Eagles come back with a win.

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