Eagles fans in Minneapolis for Super Bowl say “it was worth every penny”

Minutes after the Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl (41-33 over the hated Patriots), thousands of fans braved the cold (as cold as -4 degrees) and started an epic party in the Bold North of Minneapolis.

“I’ve been waiting for this shit all my life,” T.J. a dentist from Delaware said. “I am ready to go climb a pole in Minnesota. They’re not as smart as us Philadepha fans, they don’t grease ’em. I am going to climb whatever pole is near that goddamn stadium. I will make it happen.”

No, T.J. did not wind up climbing a light pole in Minneapolis — it was probably way too cold. But bars up and down Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis were jam packed with Eagles fans, chanting the Eagles’ fight song with great repitition.

David Wietlisbach, hailing from Wayne, was at the game in U.S. Bank Stadium and recounted the experience after.

“It was different but unreal,” Wietlisbach said. “There was not a lot of throwing snowballs at other fans or talking shit. But it was worth every single penny. I drove 13 hours here and it was worth it. I would do it again in a heart beat.”

Astronomically expensive, but priceless seems to be the sentiment shared by nearly everyone at the game that wasn’t an Eagles fan (such as an unlucky pair of newly engaged Patriots fans who drank away their sorrow). Eagles fans were struggling to wrap their heads around the incredible experience they all shared and would never forget.

“It’s fantastic, It’s a dream come true,” John Trone from Hanover said. “I put something in my bucket for my bucket list, it’s done. We flew to Des Moine and drove here because it was so expensive to fly. We got tickets on StubHub it was about $9,600 for a pair of them.”

Perhaps Temple student John Renzi put it best, stopping mid celebration to tell Metro: “​This is one of the best days of my life for sure. The city of Philadelphia has been waiting for a championship for years. It means a lot to the city.”

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