Eagles notebook: 20-3 at the half

Eagles are sustaining drives and moving the chains here in the first half and lead the Redskins 20-3 at the half. The defense was pitching a shutout until the final minutes, too.

The safeties stink, right? Nope. Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen each have an interception.

The tight end is invisible, right? Nope. Brent Celek had a couple big catches, including a 7-yard TD.

The linebackers are horrible, right? Nope. Jamar Chaney broke up a pass and the unit helped hold the Redskins’ dual-threat rushing attack to just 19 yards.

NEWS AND NOTES … Before the game, here’s what the ESPN NFL Countdown crew had to say about the Eagles’ struggles:

Keyshawn Johnson: “Whoever was making the decisions to bring guys in. … They made a mistake because these guys don’t fit what they’re trying to do just yet, and the time is running out on them.”

Tom Jackson: “In football, your 53-man squad needs chemistry, and it needs to be built through tough times. They didn’t have a chance to do that, and it’s going to be very difficult to acquire that.”

Mike Ditka: “What they’re doing on defense — and I’m picking on the defense — is not working.”

Carter: “I got a problem with whoever gave that guy the assignment from being O-line coach to D coordinator.”

Bill Parcells: “Just stop turning the ball over, you’ll win.”

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