Eagles Notebook: Andy Reid wanted RG3; Maclin expects to play

Turns out all those Robert Griffin III trade rumors on draft day were true.

The Redskins quarterback confirmed, via conference call, that he had a lengthy discussion with Eagles coach Andy Reid at the NFL Combine. Griffin III thought there might be a chance the Eagles traded up to get him in the draft.

“I met with the Eagles and Coach Reid told me they were very interested in me, that you never know what can happen,” Griffin III said. “I really enjoyed my meeting with him. Obviously, things didn’t work out so I’m here with the Redskins, and I’m proud to be here.”

Griffin III, who went sixth overall to Washington, said he grew up watching Mike Vick play and always admired his big-play ability. However, he feels his style is unique.

“The big-play ability that he [Vick] has, that he had early in his career and he still has today, is something that no one can take away from him,” Griffin III said. “So you look at his big-play ability and you see the big plays that he’s made with his arms and his legs, and you want to go out and make those big plays. I don’t play exactly like Mike does and Mike doesn’t play exactly like I do. We each have our own game.”

Asked if, as a fellow rookie quarterback, he had any advice for Nick Foles in his first NFL start, Griffin III said, “Take what’s there, coaches are going to put you in a good position to make plays and you just gotta go make them.”

Mac attack

Jeremy Maclin intends to play Sunday despite a lower back strain. Coach Andy Reid told reporters that the receiver was making progress. When asked directly, Maclin said he would be playing against the Redskins.

Maclin also took offense to some in the media, specifically Troy Aikman, calling him soft last week, when he appeared to take a dive in traffic to avoid a hit.

“I think it’s funny personally,” Maclin said. “The only people that really understand what happened on that play are the people down on the field. It wasn’t like I was easing off because I didn’t want to get hit. I thought I couldn’t make the catch on the ball, so I was bracing myself for the hit, there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, if you want to call that soft or scared, so be it. But anybody who understands or who has been here, I’ve gone across the middle and got hit plenty of times.”

Maclin also confirmed that he had spoken to concussed quarterback Mike Vick Tuesday. Maclin said the two didn’t talk about football, but Vick carried a normal conversation.

“He wasn’t in la-la land,” Maclin said.

Offensive line changes

Danny Watkins (ankle) returned to practice Wednesday on a limited basis. Watkins said he anticipates playing Sunday. Assuming Watkins is back, it would appear as if either King Dunlap or Demetress Bell is the odd man out. Dennis Kelly is moving from guard to one of the tackle spots. Both Dunlap (right tackle) and Bell (left tackle) struggled mightily last week against Dallas.

The Eagles also added veteran Jake Scott to the roster. Scott admitted he hasn’t fully grasped the Eagles’ offense yet— he was just signed Monday — but that he will be ready for Sunday, “if they need me.” Scott can play both tackle and guard.

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