Eagles Notebook: LeSean McCoy’s baby mama drama

Does LeSean McCoy have herpes?

Was his Twitter account hacked?

Does he owe his baby mama child support?

These are all questions that we need answered immediately. Only problem is, McCoy is on vacation in Puerto Rico with his new girlfriend. Confused? So are we.

Late Saturday night, McCoy (@CutonDime25) and his old flame, Steph (@Angelface0330) exchanged a series of maniacal tweets. Among them were claims that Shady has herpes, owns a small penis, consulted a doctor for impotence and that his best friend, VAR, has performed oral sex on his new girl, Sydney (@covergirldro). McCoy himself, according to Steph, has also given her oral pleasure as a replacement for paying alimony.

Here are the Twitter exchanges in real time, via the popular sports blog Crossing Broad. McCoy deleted his Twitter account around 6:17 a.m. with one last post saying “hacked.”

Oh, and Steph and Sydney aren’t not friends, not at all. Steph typed this diss as the feud— one that went 4-5 hours — heated up.

“u look like fuckin stitch with all Dat forehead prolly gets in the way of suckin that lil dick”

Wow and you thought you had a crazy Saturday night! For whatever reason this whole episode got us thinking about the greatest rap diss ever, enjoy! Very NSFW

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