Eagles Notebook: Playing tag with DeSean

We are loathe to trust reports that use unnamed sources, but since ESPN has picked it up, it must be presented. The Eagles, as expected, are reportedly set to franchise DeSean Jackson. The two sides appear at a standstill in ongoing negotiations for a long-term contract.

That means the team would have to pay him an annual salary in accordance with the top five players at his position, a figure around $10 million for the 2012 season. Or, the Eagles could franchise him and then trade him. Here’s the report via The Inquirer. The team has until March 5 to make a decision.

Jackson did say that he would fine with receiving the franchise tag after the season finale against the Redskins. However, the receiver has kept a low profile since then so it remains to be seen if that still applies here.

Our advice to you is to follow Jackson on Twitter. After all, he was Metro’s Tweeter of the Week.

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