Eagles Notebook: Team interested in Randy Moss?

Many have lambasted the Eagles’ organization for whiffing on Randy Moss the first time around, some 13 years ago, when the balky receiver could have been had on the cheap in the NFL Draft.

Now, the Eagles are one of the teams interested in grabbing the soon-to-be un-retired future Hall of Famer. After Moss announced his intentions to return to pro football Monday, via UStream video, telling viewers the following:

“I wanna play football,” Moss said Monday morning. “Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I’m really excited. I had some things I had to adjust in my life.”

The Patriots have long been rumored to want to re-establish their relationship with Moss, but a report on Yahoo! Sports mentioned the Eagles and Jets as two potential landing spots, citing sources saying that both teams are “at least curious.”

Moss retired last August at the age of 34. He celebrated his 35th birthday Monday.

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