Eagles’ offense has been troublingly unproductive

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A simple look at the Eagles numbers on offense is enough to make even the most optimistic fan weary of the team’s playoff chances.

Whether it’s approach, scheme or personnel, something needs to change for the Eagles to remain competitive in the NFC East, after falling to 0-2 in the division and 4-3 overall last week. The defense can’t do everything, can it?

The Eagles passing attack — if you can even call it that — has yielded the third fewest yards through the air, just one yard more than the Bills who rank 30th of 32 teams.

Their 1,526 yards arebroken down into an average of just 10.2 yards per completion, or the fourth worst average in the NFL.

Offensively as a whole, Philly has the fourth least productive unit in football in terms of total yards gained, and has compiled an anemic256 yards per game over their last three contests.

“Obviously, we’re going to attack the game based on what the defense is giving us and utilize it that way,” Doug Pederson said.”Some of it can fall on the quarterback, obviously, because he ultimately has the final say in all the decisions. Then just personnel and just understanding the design of the play.”

Carson Wentz, after bursting on the scene has been less and less dynamic, posting 202 yards or less over the last three weeks.

If broken down further, the Eagles average just 5.3 yards per play — 26th in the NFL and more than a yard and a half less per play than the Falcons who lead the league.

“We have to figure out and find ways to get the ball, obviously, down the field,” Pederson said.

The Eagles have gained more than 30 yards in a play just once over the last four games.

“You have to trust protection,” the coach said,”you have to trust reads and progressions and you’ve got to trust the guys to get down the field. So, there’s a lot involved in that kind of stuff. We just have to evaluate it.”

The Eagles have one wide receiver — Jordan Matthews, ranked in the top 50 in receiving yards and no one else in the top 100. The only 100-yard receiving game the team has had was in Week 1, by Matthews.

The team did not make a move at Tuesday’s trade deadline, though they did offer a fifth rounder for San Francisco’s Torrey Smith, reports say.

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