Eagles reevaluate their attack

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There was really nothing that worked Sunday against the Packers.

The run game really didn’t pick up steam until the Birds were out of the game. Mark Sanchez coughed up three turnovers. And the defense couldn’t stop anyone.

With the Titans looming in Week 12 as a possible trap game (the Cowboys await on Thanksgiving), the Eagles have done some careful analysis of their shortcomings in Green Bay.

Average Marks

Mark Sanchez was pretty average. While he’s compiled two 300-yard games in back-to-back starts (for the first time in his career), the just is still out as to whether the signal-caller can lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl.

“I think he battled through it,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “He was no different than any other position on our team, especially on offense. We didn’t play near well enough. We didn’t execute at a level that’s consistent with our standards, and we got beat.”

Despite the subpar results, Shurmur does think Sanchez is gradually improving as the leader of Chip Kelly’s offense.

“None of us did anything that was good enough to win, but he did some things better in this game than he did in the last game,” Shurmur said. “ I thought he got the ball out quickly.

Running nowhere

Just a week after gaining under 40 yards on the ground, the Birds did eclipse 100-yards against the Packers, but their 3.5 yards per carry are nothing to phone home about.

“I think we tried to run the ball inside,” Shurmur said, “we also tried to run the ball at the perimeter, and we like to try to run the ball in the mid-zone area as well. So we continue to do all those things.”

LeSean McCoy had 88 yards on 23 carries, and is on pace with his workload from a year ago but with one big difference. Last year, McCoy led the NFL in rushing. This year he’s second in total attempts but seventh in yards.

“He’s in there battling,” Shurmur said. “I think when you look at how the year has gone, we can run the ball better for all the reasons we’ve talked about each week and we just stick with it. Just stick with it.”

Fallen gladiator

With defensive leader DeMeco Ryans out, the Eagles defense has been inconsistent.

Against the Panthers last Monday, they had a breakout game and looked as good as they have all year.

But in Green Bay, few things could have gone worse. However, on the leadership front, defensive coordinator Bill Davis feels other players are approptiately stepping up.

“I think the guys have stepped up well,” the coach said. “[It] really it hasn’t been an issue at all.”

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