Eagles sign Alshon Jeffery to one-year deal worth $14 million

Getty Images

The Eagles have been in the mix for Alshon Jeffery all offseason-long, but according to Adam Schefter, a deal will get done bringing the big Chicago wideout to Philadelphia — viaJosinaAnderson.

Philly announced earlier it had signedTorrey Smith to a three year deal worth $15 million. He will be the second wideout, with Jordan Matthews working his way back into the slot as No. 3.

Carson Wentz is no doubt extremely excited by the news.

The deal is reportedly worth $14 million and is just for one season — the same price he would be paid under the franchise tag with Chicago.

“The Eagles stepped up with the money when they heard he wanted a one-year deal,” Ian Rapoportsaid on NFL Network.

Rapoport says it was the best deal he could get, due to his recent suspension and injuries. He intends to earn a bigger deal in 2018.

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