Eat Like an Insider: Chris Beyer of Milkboy

Chris Beyer is the executive Chef at Milkboy. | Provided

Milkboy’s executive chef, Chris Beyer, pursued a career in music prior to making the transition to the food industry, so it’s only natural that he’d feel right at home at this celebrated music-meets-food restaurant brand.

“Prior to focusing on a culinary career I had my sights set on music. I found many similarities between the two, in both their artistic in nature and their application within the industry,” he says. “Artistically I often try to utilize my musical training, be it in dexterity, rhythm, timing, flavor, and even listening to the frequency of the sizzle to find the sweet spot.”

The 34-year-old is originally from Mount Laurel, NJ and has lived in Philly for the past four years. While the three Milkboy locations (two in Philadelphia and one in Maryland) keep him busy, he still makes time to enjoy a great meal. Here are a few of his top picks, which include everything from mussels to fried chicken sandwiches to duck montadito.

Best late night meal?
Khyber Pass (56 S. 2nd St.). It’s on my walk home and always comes through with a great burger and beer. Plus, I played there back in the day, and it’s fun to reminisce about how it once was.

Best meal under $10?
Cherry Street Tavern (129 N. 22nd St.). Roast Beef Sandwich. I grew up in South Jersey where there were beef and beer fundraisers seemingly every weekend. For me, Cherry Street serves up nostalgia in sandwich form.

Best hidden foodie gem?
Woodrow’s (630 South St.). I have the pleasure of working down the street, so I find myself over there often. You know you’ve found a good spot when your favorite thing on the menu is the whole menu.

Best place to dine alone?
The back bar at Monk’s (264 S. 16th St.). Grab a couple big boy beers and some mussels in that space, and you are transported.

Place you always take or recommend for out-of-towners?
Vernick (2031 Walnut St.). Like I say when I recommend it, “Just go.”

Go-to date spot hands down?
Tinto (114 S. 20th St.). I’m a bit biased as my wife and I shared our first kiss there, but the ambiance and service makes for an intimate shared experience. That sharing stuff aside, I’m probably ordering at least two-12 orders of duck montadito just for myself.

Best place to catch up with friends?
MilkBoy, Chestnut Street (1100 Chestnut St.). Again, maybe I’m biased as I work there (along with MilkBoy South Street and MilkBoy ArtHouse in College Park, MD), but it truly is. Whether you’re actually meeting someone or not, you show up at MilkBoy, and you’re catching up with a friend, usually noshing on a fried chicken sandwich.

Most Instagrammable restaurant?
Cadillac Grille, Wells Fargo Center (3601 S. Broad St.). It’s the only restaurant from where you can Instagram “The Process.” 

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