Ethics reform moves forward

CITY HALL. Six of 12 campaign finance and government ethics reform bills on City Council’s agenda yesterday received approval, but the six widest ranging bills were held without a vote.

The bills which did not get voted on have been introduced twice in the last four years by Councilman Frank Rizzo and put strict limits on gift, nepotism and pre-candidacy fund-raising as well as require lobbyists to register with the city. But some on Council and the Nutter administration said the bills need changes before they can be truly effective.

Rizzo was optimistic before the vote — “The time has come to move forward with what citizens want,” he said — but the bills were eventually put off.

The six bills that will be up for final approval next Thursday would put in place penalties for ethics violations by city elected officials and require certain lobbyists’ registration.

brian x. mccrone

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