Fall in love sky high

Andrew Karasik and Amber D'Arcangelo fell in love while working at the One Liberty Observation Deck
One Liberty Observation Deck

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is certainly in the air—even 57 floors up. The popular One Liberty Observation Deck located in the Liberty One Building is known for providing incredible views, but now can also be known for providing a perfect backdrop to a special occasion.

This Valentine’s Day season, couples looking to do things a bit differently and elevate their love story (literally) can do so with One Liberty’s heart-filled holiday promotion. Those who have been struck by cupid can treat their special someone to a 360-degree view overlooking the city and purchase buy-one get-one free tickets from Thursday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 16.

If you needed more convincing than a breathtaking view and discounted tickets to think One Liberty Observation Deck is certainly an ideal spot for love, just ask those who work there—a love story was sparked on the 57th floor.

Andrew Karasik, 31, of Lower Merion, and Amber D’Arcangelo, 26, of Port Richmond, met while working at One Liberty Observation Deck in 2016 and recently celebrated their two-year anniversary.

In most love stories, two people meet, they bond, they develop feelings and then enjoy moments together that are private, intimate and the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The times you spend with another person in those beginning stages of love always seem bigger, better and almost surreal. For Amber and Andrew, that was certainly the case when having one of the best views of Philadelphia to bond over.

If it sounds like the plot-line to a movie, it’s not. But maybe it should be?

After working at the Deck for a year and a half together, Amber and Andrew constructed their own love story from above the clouds and were able to create surreal memories together while at work. Their favorite? The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Parade.

“We got to watch the parade from above and celebrate that victory with our city. You could hear the cheering and feel the windows shaking 57-stories up,” the die-hard Eagles fans said in a release.

One Liberty Observation Deck
Fall in love 57 floors up PHOTO: One Liberty Observation Deck

While working, the couple also found certain aspects of the city to become their own, including making City Hall their favorite landmark. “No other building in the city exemplifies the majesty of Philadelphia. From the Observation Deck, you can see the intricate design of the building, as well as its history. It’s a chance to take in one of the most popular tourist destinations from a unique perspective,” they added.

Now, not all love stories are easy—some are actually quite difficult. But the memories you make while in them are what stick with you. For Amber and Andrew that involved bringing their romance sky-high, and that can be the same for other couples, just with their own romantic spin on it

“There’s something about overlooking the city and being with your loved one 883 feet above street level with panoramic views that is really romantic and beautiful,” said Andrew. “You get to experience the view together and create a memory that is really special.”

Aside from the buy-one-get-one promotion, One Liberty Deck also offers an option to, if you’re ready, book the venue to pop the special question. According to the release, Private Marriage Packages includes advance access for your photographer, videographer, musician, and/or up to 10 family and friends; private elevator access to the 57th floor, and up to one-hour use of the Observation Deck.

If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next step, you can book your special moment through One Liberty Observation Deck at 215-845-4151 or events@phillyfromthetop.com. If you’re not quite ready for that step yet, but you do want to indulge in the ticket special running this weekend visit phillyfromthetop.com

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