Family members on social media: ‘Pukemon’ brain dead at 25 from ill health

Matthew Clemmens pukemon Matthew Clemmens, dubbed “Pukemon” for vomiting on a police officer and his young daughter at a Phillies game, has died, reports say. Credit: PPD

Blogs and social media are buzzing with rumors that Matthew “Pukemon” Clemmens is brain dead at age 25 after being hospitalized for a blood condition known as anemia and having a seizure, based on Facebook postings by Clemmens and his mother.

Postings online by Clemmens' mother indicate that Clemmens became brain dead at some point June 10. Credit: Facebook Postings online by Clemmens’ mother indicate that Clemmens became brain dead at some point June 10. Credit: Facebook

Clemmens pled guilty in 2010 to intentionally vomiting on Easton police Captain Michael Vangelo and his 11-year-old daughter during a Phillies game against the Washington Nationals after an altercation arose in the bleachers.

The vomiting was reportedly provoked after Clemmens’ companion was forced to leave the park. No further details were available about why Clemmens’ friend had to leave.

Clemmens directed his anger at Vangelo, stuck his fingers down his throat to induce vomit and then vomited on the police officer and his daughter. Some reports state that Clemmens then began punching Vangelo. Clemmens was then restrained and punched in the face by other fans at the game.

Clemmens, then 21, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, was sentenced to one to three months in jail for the intentional vomiting. He was also ordered to perform 30 to 50 hours of community service at Citizens Bank Park and pay $315 to cover the cost of Vangelo’s tickets for bringing his family of five to the game.

Clemmens became “internet-famous” after his mugshot (above) went viral online and became a meme dubbed “Pukemon,” due to Clemmens’ slight resemblance to magical animals from the Japanese cartoon and video game series Pokemon.

Some internet users took to Twitter to talk about Clemmens’ death in a humorous way, while others who claim to have known him took a more mournful and defensive stance.

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