Fantasy football: best new team names for 2017

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There are a few faux pas a fantasy team owner can commit when naming his team. One of these is naming your team after a player who is not on your team. An unwritten rule implies that the best, and funniest team names are applicable to your roster. In other words, be prepared to take on the wrath of haters if you name your team “Saved by Le’Veon Bell” when your Bell-less team loses to the team that has the Steelers running back.

And the more creative the better. If you draft Carlos Hyde and Tyreek Hill, try “Hyde and Tyreek.”

Below are some of our favorite new fantasy football names for the 2017 season. To check out some more names we love, read out list of not safe for work team names here.

Forgot Talib the safety on

Can I Borrow a Theilen

Dak That Pass Up

Dalvin and the Chipmunks

Death Ertz-tificate

The Mixon Administration

Hyde yo kids, Hyde yo wife

Hyde and Tyreek

Get your Tyreek On

Golden Tate Warriors

Golden McCaffrey

Fournetteflix and Chill

Little Red Fournette


Make America Brate Again

99 Problems but a Mitch ain’t One

All you Snead is Love

Kizer Wide Shut

Will Tye the Science Guy

Ware Mahomes at?

Kelce Lately

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