Fast-forward: 2010 champs

Phillies players and coaches will take the next few days to mourn Wednesday’s loss, but then it’s right back to business. You don’t become the world [bleepin’] champions by sitting around feeling sorry for yourselves.

“It’s going to be difficult for a few days, then we’re going to try to focus on next year,” said Chase Utley. “We’re going to try to become the best players we can be.”

That means getting back to the Fall Classic and winning it, something they fully expect to do next year. And why shouldn’t they? The Phils return the nucleus of a team that led the NL in runs scored and home runs.

“I’ll tell you something, we will be back,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “As [Douglas] MacArthur said, I guess, ‘We will be back.’”

Earlier in the playoffs, Jimmy Rollins threw out the word dynasty. The confident shortstop also infamously predicted that the Phillies would beat the Yankees in five games.

Any regrets, Jimmy?

“Never,” said Rollins, adding that his ultimate goal remains to create a Phillies’ dynasty.

“Usually you’ve got to win two in a row, but [the] San Antonio [Spurs] was pretty good winning every other year,” said Rollins.

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