Feds probe bizarre mail dumping on Philly street


Feds are investigating how and why several U.S. Postal Service mail bins were dumped on the side of a Philly Street.

In footage obtained by ABC, two men are seen pulling up in a black SUV, exiting the vehicle and opening the trunk. Then, they begin removing U.S. mail bins and placing them on the side of the road. Some bins were empty, but others contained mail items.

It was reported that the entire process took over two minutes, and neighbors has asked that the men were doing. It is not clear if the men responded. ABC reported that the incident took place around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, at 6th and Wingohocking streets in Hunting Park.

A news photographer came across the scene later, during the evening hours, while covering an unrelated story. Police and other postal crews arrived on the scene, where they picked up and sorted through the mess of small boxes, bills, report cards, and other packages, according to ABC’s report.

When asked for comment, the Philadelphia Post Office told Metro it “considers the sanctity of mail among its highest priorities. We continue to work very closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure that sanctity,” and said the matter is being investigated by the Office of Inspector General.

The Inspector General told Metro emphasized its committment to “ensuring the sanctity of the United States Mail,” and said the bins in question have been recovered and transported to a Postal Service Facility. 

Additionally, the office said, “We have a Special Agent on-site, and we are actively investigating this incident.” 

To add to this mail mystery, it was reported that a viewer called ABC to report an abandoned mail truck in front of his home, about a 15 minute drive from the scene in Northeast Philly. The empty mail truck had been at the same location since Monday. The truck contained a few mail bins — but no mail. It’s not clear if the mail truck is connected to mail dumpers. 

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