Female Donald Trump, Republican affiliated voters prefer QB Sam Bradford

Charles Mostoller

The Republican Party is short on celebrities.

That’s not a knock on the party, just an observation that many will agree with after seeing the Republican National Convention’s list of speakers (headlined byAntonio Sabato Jr. and Scott Baio).

When it comes to sports, many more influentialathletes are outspoken supporters of Donald Trump and the Republican Party (like Tom Brady and Mike Tyson).

So it’s really, really strange that — according to a survey run by NPD Group and the Washington Post —Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford is not only the third most popular athlete among Republican men, but the most popular among Republican women.

Bradford hails from conservative Oklahoma, but that’s really the only link between Bradford and the GOP, at least publicly. A thorough search on the web found virtually no ties between the veteran signal-caller and Trump, politics or Republicans.

The organization offering this information, NPD, is usually used as a marketing research firm for businesses across the world. The survey found only golfer Jordan Spieth and former NFL star Roger Staubach (an outspoken GOP supporter) ahead of Bradford among Republican-affiliated men.

Among women, Bradford is ahead of Steve Young and Marcus Mariota, two other quarterbacks without strong political ties.

The survey also looks at the preferences of Democrats based on gender, with very little overlap — however when it comes to celebrities, both love Adele and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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