Finkelstein was set for sex, cop says in court

BENSALEM. Susan Finkelstein loves something else as much as the Phillies, according to an undercover cop, who said the former University of Pennsylvania public relations worker bragged about her obsession with sex and going commando.

During the now infamous meeting at Manny Brown’s at the Neshaminy Mall, the officer who Finkelstein believed had two World Series tickets for sale said the 43-year-old claimed she couldn’t get enough sex and then hiked up her denim skirt, showing off her lack of panties.

Despite the wild, at times lewd, testimony from Officer Michael Brady, Finkelstein’s attorney William J. Brennan said none of the other three officers at the bar that day heard the conversation, which occurred after the officer bought her a beer.

“All we have to go by is the unsubstantiated word of one officer,” Brennan said of the testimony that also included a claim that Finkelstein twice described herself as a prostitute. “I take strong issue with allegations that she twice told the officer that.”

He said an appeal may be filed before the next court hearing Jan. 15 to challenge whether Finkelstein actually did anything illegal. A Bensalem sergeant who oversees the department’s Internet unit that first found a Craigslist post from Finkelstein said she did nothing illegal online.

“In any of your previous prostitution cases, did any of them ever come out and say, ‘I’m a prostitute. I’m a whore.’?” Brennan asked the officer of his undercover experiences. “Did any involve World Series tickets?”

“No,” the officer said.

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