Fiore Fine Foods is offering sweet and savory treats for delivery


Easter is right around the corner, and even though this year’s holiday might feel a bit different, that doesn’t mean it can’t be memorable.

Fiore Fine Foods is here to help with that, offering an assortment of homemade Easter candies that will be available for all Philadelphians to receive through delivery April 10 and 11. The sweet offerings are available to order now through Fiore’s website and feature plenty of options that will delight everyone’s tastebuds.


Fiore’s Easter candy choices include assorted hand-painted bon-bon boxes (featuring a chef’s selection of 9 flavors including white chocolate and coffee, coconut, nut butter, caramel, banana caramel, toasted marshmallow, cardamom pistachio, milk chocolate cocoa nib and dark chocolate crunch for $20), chocolate eggs filled with nut butter ($4), Cri-Cri (whole hazelnuts wrapped in milk chocolate caramel ganache dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in nonpareils sprinkles, 9 come in a package for $8), hand-painted chocolate bars (flavors include cocoa nib coffee and sea salt, nutty crunch and cookies n’ cream for $5), soft chocolate torrone (soft chocolate nougat studded with toasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios for $5) and mallomars (shortbread topped with a house-made marshmallow and dipped in dark chocolate, 3 come in a package for $6).

Ordering the treats is simple, Philadelphians can fill out the form on Fiore’s website detailing what they want and adding their address for delivery. Once Fiore receives the form, they will hit you back with the amount you owe, and payment can be sent before delivery through Venmo @donate-fioreteam.


Fiore is not only serving up sweetened cuisine at this time, the Queens Village hotspot is also heating up their offerings with their homemade soup options, also available for delivery.

Last week, Fiore offered three different batches of soup priced at $16 a quart (delivery fee included.) The establishment pledged to provide all proceeds from soup sales directly to their hourly staff, and last week alone pulled in $2,500 for Fiore’s employees. Options will change, but have ranged from a variety of enticing flavors including matzah ball, grilled escarole and pappa al pomodoro. The flavors will be updated on Fiore’s website (where the order form is also available.) The soup will be delivered cold, and within 24 hours of order if payment through Venmo is received beforehand. Fiore will then text you when they are on their way and when your food is dropped off for contactless service—this policy will also ring true for their Easter candy delivery service as well.

The fine foods eatery is also looking to serve members of the Queens Village community who may have trouble getting food during this time—Fiore will make an effort to get them soup as well, anyone in need or who knows someone in need should contact the store directly.

So whether you’re craving some bite-sized holiday bliss or are itching for a warm comforting meal, you have plenty of options to indulge in without leaving the safety of your home.


For more information, and to place your order for Easter candy or soup, visit

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