First case of Zika reported in Philadelphia


The first case of Zika virus in Philly has been reported, ABC Philly reports.

The case reportedly comes from a 60-year-old woman who recently returned from the Caribbean. She will not be hospitalized.

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“The concern about Zika virus is that can be spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus, and there have been reports of a serious birth defect of the brain called microcephaly in babies of mothers who had Zika virus while pregnant,” ABC Philly explained.

For the most part however, there isn’t much for Philadelphians, most especially expectant mothers, to worry about.

Zika is only spread by mosquito bites, therefore only those who travel to places that have outbreaks are at risk for contracting the disease, for the time being, PhillyVoice explained.

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“If you live in Philadelphia and you’re not going to travel to any of these areas, there’s really no risk,” Dr. Kathleen Squires, director of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Division of Infectious Diseases explained to PhillyVoice. “Right now, we’re in the middle of winter and mosquitoes aren’t around.”

Squires noted however, that were this in the middle of summer, that would be a different story.

Got questions about Zika? Call the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Division of Disease Control at 215-685-6740.

“Today’s announcement of the first known Zika case in Philadelphia underscores the need for Congress to come together to approve the emergency preparedness and response funding necessary for our nation to address the outbreak and protect those most at risk,” said U.S. Sen. Bob Casey in a statement. “This supplemental funding would support readiness, response capacity in state,prevention and education. We can’t wait for more confirmed cases and victims, the time is now.”

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