Fishtown man proud of ‘Human Centipede’ sculpture on his dashboard

It was just an ordinary Monday night when lawyer Jordan Rushie and his friend Deanna O’Hanna were heading to Memphis Tap and were struck dead in their tracks by the sight of a bizarre sculpture.

It was a recreation of “The Human Centipede,” of horror movie fame, made with children’s dolls, on the dashboard of a car.

“I’m sitting there looking at Deanna like, ‘Did someone make a Human Centipede on their dashboard?” Rushie recalled.

The answer is an emphatic yes, said the car’s owner, Graham Groff. He bought the sculpture from local artist Mike Smash.

“Yes, the piece is in my truck. I like showing it off because I think it is such a work of genius!” Groff said of the sculpture made of Bratz dolls.

O’Hanna called it “fascinating.”

“The fact that somebody would take the time to make that, I guess the only word I would use is absurdist,” Rushie said. “Why would someone do this?”

Smash did not respond to a request for comment, but Groff dismissed concerns that leaving the sculpture in his car parked on the streets of Fishtown might bother children.

“Last time I checked, freedom of expression is still a right we have in this nation so let the creative palate flow!” Groff said.

“When you see the harsh reality of everyday life, if parents are so worried about their children being exposed to dark or twisted images, then they should do a better job of teaching their kids to think outside of the box and not live in some fragile world that doesn’t exist.”

Human Centipede 3 is due to be released later this year.

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