Flyers memories of glory, 40 years later

Flyers owner Ed Snider reunites with Philadelphia's only Stanley Cup winning goalie, Bernie Parent. Credit: Getty Images Flyers owner Ed Snider reunites with Philadelphia’s only Stanley Cup winning goalie, Bernie Parent. Credit: Getty Images

Everybody has a memory from the Flyers winning their first Stanley Cup. Here are a few of them:

Joe Watson

“After the game I got our trainer to get Orr. I met Bobby in this room we had and we had a drink together. I’d played with him in Boston when we broke in together and lived together in 1966. When I got married he was my best man. I asked him if he wanted to drink from the Cup. He said ‘Are you kidding me? You guys did it.'”

Bernie Parent

“I went home that day after we celebrated, because I was just psychologically and physically exhausted. I got up at 6:00 the next morning and I didn’t know if it was a dream or it was real. Then I walked downstairs, opened the door and the newspaper was there saying the Flyers had won the Cup. That’s when I knew.”

Bill Clement

“The third period was the greatest example of perception of time passing. It actually seemed as if might never end. Of course, with every goal scored time passes quicker, but we only had the one. It seemed as if we were stuck seven hours in that damn third period.”

Bill Barber

“Everybody studied the board when you came in the dressing room. You’d take a peek at what was on it, but not a whole lot needed to be said, It was a pretty simple comment. We didn’t want to go back to Boston and get into a Game 7. But I think everyone knew their role and was well prepared.”

P.A. announcer Lou Nolan

“I had a drink from the Cup, but then had to stick around that night, because I’d agreed to announce (Flyers’ part owner). Fitz Dixon’s lacrosse team’s first game. I did it with an orange jacket on and couldn’t wait for it to end, so I could get to Rexy’s. The next day I sat in one of the Cadillacs with Fitz Dixon and his wife during the parade, as we made our way up Broad Street. It was phenomenal.”

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