For some reason, the Eagles play better when they’re ‘back in black’

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There’s something about wearing all black, under the bright lights of Lincoln Financial Field that just gets the Eagles going.

“It’s one of those things where if you look good, you’re going to play good,” BrandonGraham said with a smile Thursday.

In Week 6, the Eagles beat the Giants 27-7, under the lights, and wearing all black.

The Cardinals come to town and are no strangers to facing the ‘jet black Birds.’

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Two times previously Philly has used the strategyon Arizona and each time netted the Eagles a victory.The team went woreblack uniformtops for theirThanksgiving game against Arizona in 2008 winning48-20. Just two years ago, the Eagles again wore black and defeatedArizona 24-21. Both of those wins helped the Eagles make runs to the playoffs.

There has to be a reason why black is such a good color on the Eagles.

“​For me, I love looking good in the uniform,” Graham said. “There’ssomething about it. There’s something about looking good, feeling good, you usually end up playing good. And playing good turns into winning.”​

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